About Us

Where Magic and the Occult Become Reality. Please explore and enjoy our Site, and if you decide to join our members only community, then we extend a warm welcome into the heart of the Mysteries & the place we call Home here at Magic & The Occult.

We are building a serious forum and community for Magic, Occult, Metaphysical and Esoteric studies. We initiated this ambitious project to resolve a noticeable rift between many of those interested in occultism, whether they are just starting or have years of experience and knowledge in these topics.

The community is here to reinforce the common threads in esoteric lore, and bolster communication between the various specialized fields emerging as modern occult trends. It is, therefore, our mission to provide a sanctuary for like-minded individuals who, as ourselves, enjoy spending their time making new connections, learning, and sharing knowledge.

We have organized this site as a members only area for the main board. In so doing, we hope that the environment here will be more inviting, in turn making it easier for members to open up and express themselves without the whole world reading what they write. Our members are very active, and new content is added every day. We aspire to deliver a full spectrum of Occult, Magic, Metaphysics, and much more information on the net.

Please take your time to read the guest intro areas to get to know a little about what type of information is shared here. By registering you will have access to our member’s only section, and will be able to post your introduction and make comments on the discussion boards. Attention: This site contains conversations of Occult, Magic and Esoteric studies. Where Magic and the Occult Become Reality


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