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Where Magic and the Occult Become Reality. Please explore and enjoy our Site, and if you decide to join our members only community, then we extend a warm welcome into the heart of the Mysteries & the place we call Home. Live the Mysteries.


This site contains conversations of Occult, Magic and Esoteric study, this includes but is not limited to: Magic, Witchcraft, Alchemy, Paranormal, Shamanism, Metaphysics, ESP, Astral Projection, Astrology, Psychology, Theurgy, Theosophy, Divination, Tarot, Numerology, Runes, Energy, Clairsentience, Spiritualism, Mythology, Gnosticism, Mysticism, Kabalah, Aliens, Meditation, Yoga, Buddhism, Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Herbs, Vampires, Otherkin, Ghosts, Health, Healing , the Lesser & Greater Mysteries, and much more.

We are a serious forum and community for Magic, Occult, Metaphysical and Esoteric studies. We respect each other while sharing the Mysteries of all cultures, from all accessible time periods. You will normally find a lot of dissension between systems of occultism. We at ROM support and appreciate all aspects and systems of the Occult. Much like the Rosicrucian’s who said that all religions were welcome. A place where no one system rules and all are respected and represented from those who are new to their chosen path to the Initiated Adept.


This is a place where the most buried secrets of the Mysteries are laid open by independent researchers, driven to share the truth. Therefore, one of our missions is to provide a sanctuary for like-minded individuals who, as ourselves, enjoy spending their time making new connections, learning, and sharing knowledge. Our International community represents many diverse paths and viewpoints. We have set up the main board of this site as a members only area. The purpose of doing so is to provide an environment that allows members to express themselves freely without the whole world reading what they write. Our members are very active, with new content added daily. By registering you will have access to our member’s only section, be able to post your introduction and make comments on the discussion boards.

Membership is free. Donations are always appreciated but never expected

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